mardi 27 janvier 2009

My first blogpost with IE 8 !

As you may guess, I just installed on my computer the new version of Internet Explorer (IE8) which is available in its release candidate version!

You can, donwload it too here. It works perfeclty, for the moment. I specially loved the accelerators that help you to do a research, to send an email or to translate a word much more faster than with any other navigator !

For example, if I am reading this blog post and I need to do a research let say for the word : "accelerators", I just have to select the word "accelerators", right click on it and select my favourite search engine. Easy and fast !!!

Another thing funny, that you really have to try if you need sometimes to translate a text is an accelerator that allows you to preview the translation without leaving the page you are working on, here is an example:

Amazing, right ? I am really, looking forward to moving from FF 3.0 to IE 8. I'll make additional tests and I'll take my decision :)
I encourage you, to consider it too :). Cuz, dude IE8 is sooo coool :).

Download it here.

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